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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might have a more advanced camera than Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might have a more advanced camera than Galaxy S10. The flagships of Samsung generally impress on the camera front, and the range of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is likely to be no exception, with the recent rumors pointing to ‘ Smart ISO ‘ and ‘ AI-ISO. ‘

These two conditions were marked on July 23, 2019, then discovered by LetsGoDigital, and while the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was not specifically named in the marks, there is a high likelihood of these features being intended for the phone close to its launch on August 7.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might have a more advanced camera than Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera VS Galaxy Note 10 Camera

But what’s’ Smart ISO’ or’ AI-ISO’ precisely? Well, mostly we can only speculate for now, but from the names it sounds like the ISO would be AI-powered, probably enabling it to automatically adjust depending on what you’re shooting, and possibly mean it can learn your preferences over time, so the phone is better prepared to pick an ISO that you’re pleased with automatically.

  • iPhone is also coming.
  • Just like the Google Pixel 4.
  • Note 10 may join the 5G phone ranks.

ISO is a measure of the sensitivity of the camera sensor, helpful to ‘ see ‘ additional light or colors. In particular, this could assist enhance low light shots where it can be useful to have a greater ISO than you might usually pick.

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Additionally, LetsGoDigital speculates that this focus on ISO could result in the Galaxy Note 10 range offering a wider ISO variety than the Samsung Galaxy S10 range of 50-800. This is a credible theory, as rival handsets like the Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium and Huawei P30 have a much wider range, but it’s just speculation for now.

Regardless, with other rumors pointing to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus having five rear cameras, the standard Note 10 having three, and both phones having all kinds of new features and improvements, snappers should be worth shooting with. We’re going to know for sure soon, as we expect the next range of devices from Samsung to launch on August 7.

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